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As it happens i will tell you what its like here in Scotland, the life i share with my wifebun Holly, the strange hoomins, Mr Ralph the dog and the tiny chipmunks :)

Saturday, 16 May 2009

We had a visitor today :)

her name is Audrey and shes a house rabbit in London.. how cool is that :)

Audrey's Webpage

she travelled up just to meet us... i was very honoured hehe, but still didnt tidy my messy floor oops!

when she got here she met the other animals of this household, and we treated her to a slap up meal of Parsley :) then my Ralph took her to the local Reservoir to see the Tower Ballroom (where they filmed Boon once upon a time dont ya know.... and mum says the new film Clubbed had a few scenes there too...

then mum and nan took her to town to meet the bullring bull and shopping at the markets... she said she had a good day and hopefully she will tell all her friends about her new Brummie Rabbit pals :) :) :)

dont tell Pearl but i think Audrey is so very pretty id even share a cawwot with her *loves*

few piccys of Audrey's little visit

so tired out now.. think i need a little nap *yawns*