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Saturday, 6 June 2009

owwwie :'(

Ive had my teefs done... I knew mum was plotting something when she started whispering with the pretty vets lady the other week....

This is what happened... the Sunday of the bank holiday just gone I ates all my veg breakfast but I thinks I was too piggy because by the time mum found me at 2pm I was hurting in my tummy like mad again and hiding in the carrier, mum says its sometimes just gas so she forces me to drink infacol, this time tho I wasnt in the mood to be a good bunny and i really fighted her bad GRRRRRRRR

She was crying because I beat her up and then she made me go in the carrier to visit the pretty lady, she gave me lovely pain takeaway druggies and I was fine by the night time.. tummy ache all goned.. but they whispered *angry face*

So im happily minding my own business on Thursday (over a week laters) and mum made me get in the carrier, now you know im a big brave boy but soon as I smelled I was at the vets place I was scared.. THEN SHE LEFT ME!!!!!!

they say I had a dental, but my teefs werent too bad and didnt cut my tongue but they was going to *shock* if they were not sorted.

When I got home I was really woozy that sleep maker stuff is very strange and mum cried again seeing me lie there with my eyes closed, she made me seperate from pearl too just as I was feeling better and started to eat my hay !!!!

I showed mum in the camera I was a good boy eating all my hay so she let me back with pearl :)

I was still feeling a bit off yesterday :'(

Today I am well enough to tell you all about my cunnning mum and the vets peoples and to warn all you bunnies out there.. be careful when they whispers they planning an owwie teefs time for you

im still keeping out of mums way, just incase she tries to get me in the carrier again... Im not liking dentals time!!