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Hi all and welcome to my blog...

As it happens i will tell you what its like here in Scotland, the life i share with my wifebun Holly, the strange hoomins, Mr Ralph the dog and the tiny chipmunks :)

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Pearl said mum dont love us no more :'(

but its ok Pearl was very wrong yaaaaay.... let me tell you about my day.

mum came down from her bed like normal, got out yummy breakfast out of the fridge and then it all went a bit strange !

mum started to take the roof off our prison, thats all ok cus i thought she was just making a different home (she does that a lot) but then dad was there helping and we started to get worried... was we being sent to a new home :'( we like this home it has yummy wallpaper to eat
our roof :(

pearl starting to worry about our home being broken down

so into the carrier we was put... i started to hump pearl just to remind her that no matter what happened to us she would always be my wife (even with ugly back scabs)

then a strange thing happened mum set our pen up at nanny Rose's house and stayed with us... i really didnt understand but mum said it was so we could keep our house... strange

heres how a bunnyless house looks (pretty pants if you ask me!)

and the tiny pen at nannys house

when we realised we was just visiting just like when we go to scotland we started to enjoy the bribe treats hehe and then all of a sudden dad came to pick us up and we are home again....mum thinks sulking under the sofa but really just resting after our exciting family visiting... *YAWN*

p.s. what does same time next year mean... mum said it to nanny rose as we left... *confused*

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


I think i must be going mad.. mum has doned magic and i cant beleive my eyes... a years hard work vanished :'( and she said we have to stay in prison tonight or the magnolia paints monster will get us.... pfffft!!!!

can you see the magics shes worked

Monday, 18 August 2008


Why is it when Pearl gets poorly I have to go to the vets too??? im not a happy bunny today and as soon as we get out of prison im gonna chew wallpaper *thumps*

Oh yeah Pearl is ok by the way, cheeky vet asked if id been beating my woman!!!! mum was very insistent we is happily married and it was the horrible vaccination that made my beautiful girl all ugly and scabby on her back... no humpin tonight ewwwww

mum has to bathe her with warm salty water and give her anti-biotics, yuuuuuum that means we get brown bread for a week i luuuuuuuvvvvvvvvv baytril and brown bread... i betta get some or i will cause chaos.

mum got a big cheesy grin all over her face, i think she was worried that pearly would get ill like i did and shed have to stay at hospital, dad knew she would be fine and even told her so! i do wish mum wasnt such a girl hahaha... pearl said mums only happy cus she didnt have to pay the vets fee but i know its cus she loves my woman as much as i do..... now back to the bribe treats we are getting for being good at the vets

Sunday, 17 August 2008


Im sure all my fellow bunny friends will agree food should be fed in a strict routine. so far i have goned onto hunger strike 3 times to punish mummy for not having my breakfast veg ready at 8am on the dot... admittedly the one time i scared myself when my tummy hurt so much from hunger the vets made me stay there overnight :'( i was so scared and mum spent the whole weekend crying. so without fail she sets her ringy thing for 7am even on the days she dont go to work to give us a little run, she says it keeps our tummys moving.. and then a vision of lovelyness appears before us yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum

not fun now tho its chippies time out and mum doesnt trust that wifebun of mine not to attack them so we gotta stay in for a few hours pfffft!!!!isnt Bud Bud a friendly little chippie :) thats him on mums shoulder on his out time.

heres us pretending we dont care were in prison !!!!!

Mum said that cus ive eaten the wallpaper we gotta stay in all day while she sorts the mess of the walls cus the people who own the house are coming and thursday and they wont appreciate all my hard wallpaper stripping work.

i dont think it looks bad for a years work hehehe

Saturday, 16 August 2008

I gots a gold card too

I got it from my good pal Carltons blogsite... even mum dont got a GOLD card hahaha

now i got the hang of this blogging lark im going to retire to under the sofa for a well earned rest im pooped....

Picture testing

Pearl said to be a good blogger i must post pics of her..hmmm shes such a WAG and im not even a bunny footballer so here goes im gonna post a few pics.. *crosses fingers for success*

this was us the other morning when mum went of out the big door to the room with no roof.. she says its work ands it pays for my hay so i just wait for the dad to let us back out when he gets out of bed. see how pearl steals the best spot !!!

mum just gave us some parsley... yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum

All my pals got blogs...

Ive decided to create a blog so i can be part of the INN crowd.

I was the only bunny without a blog on the Forum Rabbits United and Pearl said I better get one started so that the hoomins on the forum dont forget we exist..
hmmmph dunno why she couldnt get at the typing im always the one getting in trouble and if i get caught using mums lappy ill get grounded AGAIN!!
hope you enjoy :)