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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Pearl said mum dont love us no more :'(

but its ok Pearl was very wrong yaaaaay.... let me tell you about my day.

mum came down from her bed like normal, got out yummy breakfast out of the fridge and then it all went a bit strange !

mum started to take the roof off our prison, thats all ok cus i thought she was just making a different home (she does that a lot) but then dad was there helping and we started to get worried... was we being sent to a new home :'( we like this home it has yummy wallpaper to eat
our roof :(

pearl starting to worry about our home being broken down

so into the carrier we was put... i started to hump pearl just to remind her that no matter what happened to us she would always be my wife (even with ugly back scabs)

then a strange thing happened mum set our pen up at nanny Rose's house and stayed with us... i really didnt understand but mum said it was so we could keep our house... strange

heres how a bunnyless house looks (pretty pants if you ask me!)

and the tiny pen at nannys house

when we realised we was just visiting just like when we go to scotland we started to enjoy the bribe treats hehe and then all of a sudden dad came to pick us up and we are home again....mum thinks sulking under the sofa but really just resting after our exciting family visiting... *YAWN*

p.s. what does same time next year mean... mum said it to nanny rose as we left... *confused*


Gregory said...

That sounds very confusing Alvin - maybe this is linked to the wallpaper stuff from earlier in the week?! Lots of strange goings on! At least if it's same time next year you can have another year of wallpaper yummings!

Alvin said...

haha ive already started to pull at the new stuff... ill have it back to how i like it in no time :p

Emma said...

Wow - you had a busy day =]
I think your blogs great, Alvin!

Louis x

Carlton Jamal said...

You know Alvin, I think this is because you is an ill-eagle immy-grant. Don't worry, I am one aswell. It's because we are ethnic bunnies and we are frowned upon. It's happened to me twice now and I quite like the adventure now!

Bunny hugs to you and your scabby backed wife! :-D

Gregory said...

Thank you for my message Alvin - My Mum looks so scared in that picture that ever her own Mummy didn't know it was her and thought it was a vet! Oh dear!

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Glad Pearl was wrong... hm, your house looks very nice. ;)

oh, mum says i have to tell your mum she got her presents from that site you said about a long time ago. :D