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As it happens i will tell you what its like here in Scotland, the life i share with my wifebun Holly, the strange hoomins, Mr Ralph the dog and the tiny chipmunks :)

Monday, 13 April 2009

Im the king of the Castle

Enjoying a lazy Easter weekend with my mum, my dad and my Pearl *loves*

I need to put the record straight..... Auntie Bekkie told my mum that her bunny Dylan is the Easter Bunny and that he came to our house and I mugged him *shocked* for all of the choccy eggs.. mum has been really upset that she got no choccy eggs and shes almost believed the liar that is Dylan Bunny... im so mad!!!!!!!

mummy I promise I may be a demon but I would never never never steal your chocolate, I dont even like the stuff YUK gimmie a yummy bunch of parsley any day over that nasty sugar stuff!!!

I would also like to say... I miss my good pal Carlton :'( he seems to have disappeared from blogging and RU *sniffff* I do hope him and his mummy are ok.

im also sorry to my good pal Ludo for doubting him.... norty Faline has very hypnotics eyes :(

oh oh oh Pearl has lost weight too... mum had her on a slight diet since the vet man looked at my mum in disgust that pearly was porky (he was wrong shes beautiful not fat!!!) she is now down to a lovely slim 3kg (was 3.3kg) we didnt like getting weighed tho, but mum gave us some apple to say sorry yaaaaay :)

Apart from the lies and rumours being spread about me and my missing my pal Carlton today on Easter Monday... life is GOOOOOOD here I am admiring my kingdom

Happy Easter Everyone xxx

Friday, 10 April 2009

we has moved

no longer are we in the front cold room with peoples invading our home :) mum decided that wed be happier in our own bedroom just like her... so we moved up the stairs, ive been here before so I was brave and looked after Pearl she was scared because she never mastered the stairs so it took her a few days to settle in. I like this pad better I do miss my sofa to hide under tho :(

best of all, when mum is in we get to play in her room too, we has already found all the loose bits of wallpaper hehe :) ANNNNNND we gots a bed now :)

I even let mum snuggle with us and I dont box her no mores :)