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As it happens i will tell you what its like here in Scotland, the life i share with my wifebun Holly, the strange hoomins, Mr Ralph the dog and the tiny chipmunks :)

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

busy busy busy

About us first, well it is my blog... the new camera finally came, not sure how famous me and pearl will get with only 4 viewers at a time pffft so ive posted two links to the same place, one streaming direct from the camera, lovely clear and fast pics even over the net and the other slower and not so great runnings of the pc... dunno how dad did it but itll do... im almost ready to sign autographs.

i also appologise to those who take the time to view, the mess of alvingham place is a disgrace which leads me on to a mum update... she went to her vets for a second time and was sent to the big vets place to do a pee and blood sample, she been really poorly sick in her bedroom and we only getting let out by dad at nighttime when he gets home from work, but mums guilt does mean extra treats haha and we dont mind locked up so much cus we only snooze and happy flop during the day anyhows. she ventured down yesterday to clean out our litter trays ewww they was getting pongy and dad wouldnt do that one job for her, took almost an hour with tears (hers)... shes such a wuss... pearl kept licking her hand and i did think about it but hey im a man i dont do emotions...

mum also said she misses her RU pals but cant face the lappy or summat like that...

off to pose infront of my new camera :)

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Another mum post...

As we not doing much these days... *yawns* i thought id update everyone on my poorly mum.

shes been lying about all week, she said her vet said it was a virus... i do hope she got a sharp ouch too !!!

he gave her pills to stop the sick but she said shes still so tired and achey if she was a bunny the vet would do the kind thing and put her out of her misery... me and pearl dont understand what she means tho *confuzled*

she had a little chat with her boss yesterday and he said my hay is safe for now whoooop whooop whoooop.

and dad still hasnt sorted out my camera... will i ever be famous :(

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

mum is still really sad :*((

shes come home with a big headache from the place of work... she said that she told the boss men i was going to bite if they sent the recession here but i know she didnt shes scared of them... she said its worked for today... 3 other hoomans have had redunce and shes sad for them too.... but my hay may not be safe yet. im going to stop eating it so my teef get bigger and more scary so well never get a knocking door :)

pearl is giving mum extra fuss, because obviously i have my anti-hooman reputation to keep but i really want to cuddle her right now too, i dont like leaking eyes from my mum :*(

dad got his present today a new piture maker for his online games it went into the big box that he plays on when he should be playing with us.
mums camera is cancelled too cus dad messed up the order and she said at this rate ill never be famous pffft!!!!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

IS this bunny cruelty?

while all my bunny pals are going on hols, getting presents whats happening to me and pearl... VETS VETS VETS.... tonight we went for another jabby ouch needle. this will be our 3rd visit in a month and im worried we is being mistreated... im a VERY important bunny too even the vet asked for the springy one first hahahaahaha.

dad is also on a phonecall rampage... we are scared hes telling some manager off because theyve messed up the order for moms camera up.... dunno who she plans to spy on ??

mum also gots a sad face, she said the recession is knocking on our door and i might have to give up my hay :*(( why would the recession knock on our door??... she thinks tomorrow the boss men are going to make her redunce and shell cry in public.... im more worried about my hay!!!!!!!