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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

mum is still really sad :*((

shes come home with a big headache from the place of work... she said that she told the boss men i was going to bite if they sent the recession here but i know she didnt shes scared of them... she said its worked for today... 3 other hoomans have had redunce and shes sad for them too.... but my hay may not be safe yet. im going to stop eating it so my teef get bigger and more scary so well never get a knocking door :)

pearl is giving mum extra fuss, because obviously i have my anti-hooman reputation to keep but i really want to cuddle her right now too, i dont like leaking eyes from my mum :*(

dad got his present today a new piture maker for his online games it went into the big box that he plays on when he should be playing with us.
mums camera is cancelled too cus dad messed up the order and she said at this rate ill never be famous pffft!!!!


Carlton Jamal said...

I suggest nipping Daddy's toes for messing up the order, does he not understand you need to share your handsome face with the world?!

You can come and share some of my hay if you like, I don't mind sharing with another ethnic bunny.

Give your Mummy extra kisses for her headaches xx

Gregory said...

Oh dear your poor Mummy - you will have to be extra good! (And it is not like me to say this!) x

Dash said...

Hmmm I think the big scary teef is the way to go, no one will mess with you or your momma. Although giving up hay would be difficult because it's sooo yummy, maybe you can get false teef, same effect but you still get munchy hay!

Anonymous said...

Aww, your poor mum.. It's ok to cuddle with her, you don't have to be anti-hoomin when the boss men or recession are not around :D

bluestaffie said...

its ok Alvin give mummy lots of kisses and remember there is always a home down south for you :)