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Hi all and welcome to my blog...

As it happens i will tell you what its like here in Scotland, the life i share with my wifebun Holly, the strange hoomins, Mr Ralph the dog and the tiny chipmunks :)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Im sorry its been a while...

No real excuses fellow buns im ashamed to say I just didnt have the hearts to share my latest newses. my mom is very sad these days and if you have the stomach to read on I shall explain whys.

4 weeks after the last post my vetman gave my little teefs the all clear, but one day in July both me and my wifey Pearl got poorlies... Dad went away and I gots a really bad stasis, I wanted to curl up and die my tummy hurted so much. mom cried loads too and for almost a week I was being sent away to the hospitals for the day to get loads of injections and forced fed grrrrrrr. Slowly I felt better and decided I loved my mom and I was going to stay for a while longer, the Bridge can wait haha. Once since then I gots gas but mom has treatment at home and my tummy felt better in a few hours.

Now my Pearl :'( :'( she said she couldnt breathes right and was panting withs her mouth open.. while I was fighting stasis Pearl was admitted to the hospitals too to see why she was poorly. loads of drugs she was given and she seemed to be better for a while..she even had Xrays too :0

so then in August Lifes seemed ok :) but we had some strange visitors comes through our window one night late and they threw the house all apart.. we Could hear mom screaming but she didnt come up to us, we was so scared but I stood infront of my Pearly I would of got em !!!

they kept shouting at mom and dad "wheres the grow, wheres the money, wheres the weed" over and over one of em even opened a bag full of our pee haha. take that mr burgular!!!

afters a while mom and one of the burgulars came up to see we was oks, Pearl hid but I ran over and mom gave us some pellets and told us we would be fine.

then the mens were goned and uniformed peoples came, by this time I was pretty peeved at my broken sleep so I thumped at the lady who tried to stroke me pffft!!!!

Then it was quiet and mom didnt leave the house for a week :0

Just as life started to get normal again Pearly got ill again, atlho in truth the steriods were just masking the illness and when they ran out she got poorly again, luckily the old rubbish vetman who had misdiagnosed for months had goned to a new hospitals and on the sad day of September 16th 2009 our Pearl was confirmed she had an enlarged heart, only by the xray that was taken in July too!!!!!!
through moms tears she is filled with Anger.... how long has pearl been on the wrong treatment and during this time the heart has drastically enlarged. no more xrays, no more travels to see our family Pearl is not stable enough :'( :'( mom says shes sorry but we may not have Pearl for long now even with the 4 different types of drugs daily. broked heart is an understatement.

even being the strong boy that I am.... im crying as I type this.. Please if you have a god Prey for my Pearl.. I dont want her to go to the bridge without me :'( :'(

Saturday, 6 June 2009

owwwie :'(

Ive had my teefs done... I knew mum was plotting something when she started whispering with the pretty vets lady the other week....

This is what happened... the Sunday of the bank holiday just gone I ates all my veg breakfast but I thinks I was too piggy because by the time mum found me at 2pm I was hurting in my tummy like mad again and hiding in the carrier, mum says its sometimes just gas so she forces me to drink infacol, this time tho I wasnt in the mood to be a good bunny and i really fighted her bad GRRRRRRRR

She was crying because I beat her up and then she made me go in the carrier to visit the pretty lady, she gave me lovely pain takeaway druggies and I was fine by the night time.. tummy ache all goned.. but they whispered *angry face*

So im happily minding my own business on Thursday (over a week laters) and mum made me get in the carrier, now you know im a big brave boy but soon as I smelled I was at the vets place I was scared.. THEN SHE LEFT ME!!!!!!

they say I had a dental, but my teefs werent too bad and didnt cut my tongue but they was going to *shock* if they were not sorted.

When I got home I was really woozy that sleep maker stuff is very strange and mum cried again seeing me lie there with my eyes closed, she made me seperate from pearl too just as I was feeling better and started to eat my hay !!!!

I showed mum in the camera I was a good boy eating all my hay so she let me back with pearl :)

I was still feeling a bit off yesterday :'(

Today I am well enough to tell you all about my cunnning mum and the vets peoples and to warn all you bunnies out there.. be careful when they whispers they planning an owwie teefs time for you

im still keeping out of mums way, just incase she tries to get me in the carrier again... Im not liking dentals time!!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

We had a visitor today :)

her name is Audrey and shes a house rabbit in London.. how cool is that :)

Audrey's Webpage

she travelled up just to meet us... i was very honoured hehe, but still didnt tidy my messy floor oops!

when she got here she met the other animals of this household, and we treated her to a slap up meal of Parsley :) then my Ralph took her to the local Reservoir to see the Tower Ballroom (where they filmed Boon once upon a time dont ya know.... and mum says the new film Clubbed had a few scenes there too...

then mum and nan took her to town to meet the bullring bull and shopping at the markets... she said she had a good day and hopefully she will tell all her friends about her new Brummie Rabbit pals :) :) :)

dont tell Pearl but i think Audrey is so very pretty id even share a cawwot with her *loves*

few piccys of Audrey's little visit

so tired out now.. think i need a little nap *yawns*

Monday, 13 April 2009

Im the king of the Castle

Enjoying a lazy Easter weekend with my mum, my dad and my Pearl *loves*

I need to put the record straight..... Auntie Bekkie told my mum that her bunny Dylan is the Easter Bunny and that he came to our house and I mugged him *shocked* for all of the choccy eggs.. mum has been really upset that she got no choccy eggs and shes almost believed the liar that is Dylan Bunny... im so mad!!!!!!!

mummy I promise I may be a demon but I would never never never steal your chocolate, I dont even like the stuff YUK gimmie a yummy bunch of parsley any day over that nasty sugar stuff!!!

I would also like to say... I miss my good pal Carlton :'( he seems to have disappeared from blogging and RU *sniffff* I do hope him and his mummy are ok.

im also sorry to my good pal Ludo for doubting him.... norty Faline has very hypnotics eyes :(

oh oh oh Pearl has lost weight too... mum had her on a slight diet since the vet man looked at my mum in disgust that pearly was porky (he was wrong shes beautiful not fat!!!) she is now down to a lovely slim 3kg (was 3.3kg) we didnt like getting weighed tho, but mum gave us some apple to say sorry yaaaaay :)

Apart from the lies and rumours being spread about me and my missing my pal Carlton today on Easter Monday... life is GOOOOOOD here I am admiring my kingdom

Happy Easter Everyone xxx

Friday, 10 April 2009

we has moved

no longer are we in the front cold room with peoples invading our home :) mum decided that wed be happier in our own bedroom just like her... so we moved up the stairs, ive been here before so I was brave and looked after Pearl she was scared because she never mastered the stairs so it took her a few days to settle in. I like this pad better I do miss my sofa to hide under tho :(

best of all, when mum is in we get to play in her room too, we has already found all the loose bits of wallpaper hehe :) ANNNNNND we gots a bed now :)

I even let mum snuggle with us and I dont box her no mores :)