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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Another mum post...

As we not doing much these days... *yawns* i thought id update everyone on my poorly mum.

shes been lying about all week, she said her vet said it was a virus... i do hope she got a sharp ouch too !!!

he gave her pills to stop the sick but she said shes still so tired and achey if she was a bunny the vet would do the kind thing and put her out of her misery... me and pearl dont understand what she means tho *confuzled*

she had a little chat with her boss yesterday and he said my hay is safe for now whoooop whooop whoooop.

and dad still hasnt sorted out my camera... will i ever be famous :(


Anonymous said...

Your hay will be safe? Whoopee!! Binkies!!

You should give your mum extra snuggles now.. it'll help with the sick. Can't say the same about your dad though, he deserves a nip for depriving us of your pictures! :D

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

oh no, your poor mum. I hope she feeling better soon. I glad about your hay too. I think hay is very good, I not want to eat too much of it though. It very yummy out the other end though.

Gregory said...

Aww Alv, I've not looked on your bloggie for a whiel and I'm sorry to see your Mum is poorly, but glad to see your hay is safe! Behave until Mum gets better! Hope it's soon!

Love Gregory! x