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Monday, 18 August 2008


Why is it when Pearl gets poorly I have to go to the vets too??? im not a happy bunny today and as soon as we get out of prison im gonna chew wallpaper *thumps*

Oh yeah Pearl is ok by the way, cheeky vet asked if id been beating my woman!!!! mum was very insistent we is happily married and it was the horrible vaccination that made my beautiful girl all ugly and scabby on her back... no humpin tonight ewwwww

mum has to bathe her with warm salty water and give her anti-biotics, yuuuuuum that means we get brown bread for a week i luuuuuuuvvvvvvvvv baytril and brown bread... i betta get some or i will cause chaos.

mum got a big cheesy grin all over her face, i think she was worried that pearly would get ill like i did and shed have to stay at hospital, dad knew she would be fine and even told her so! i do wish mum wasnt such a girl hahaha... pearl said mums only happy cus she didnt have to pay the vets fee but i know its cus she loves my woman as much as i do..... now back to the bribe treats we are getting for being good at the vets


Gregory said...

I do hope your Pearl gets better soon Alvin! I been to the vets today - it takes time out of chewing and other naughtiness! My mum says I had the jab as Pearl but I'm not scabby! Have to go back for more in 2 weeks though! I hate the vets, they make me sit still!

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Poor Pearl. I'm glad it's nothing serious. You be nice to her while she's recovering. :)
~Ludo's mum.

Carlton Jamal said...

You are very good being brave at the vets, us men need to look after the ladybuns. I'm glad Pearl is okay.

Emma said...

Poor Pearl =[
You be good to your mummy at a time like this cause you never know, you might get extra nose rubs or something =D

Louis x