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Sunday, 17 August 2008


Im sure all my fellow bunny friends will agree food should be fed in a strict routine. so far i have goned onto hunger strike 3 times to punish mummy for not having my breakfast veg ready at 8am on the dot... admittedly the one time i scared myself when my tummy hurt so much from hunger the vets made me stay there overnight :'( i was so scared and mum spent the whole weekend crying. so without fail she sets her ringy thing for 7am even on the days she dont go to work to give us a little run, she says it keeps our tummys moving.. and then a vision of lovelyness appears before us yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum

not fun now tho its chippies time out and mum doesnt trust that wifebun of mine not to attack them so we gotta stay in for a few hours pfffft!!!!isnt Bud Bud a friendly little chippie :) thats him on mums shoulder on his out time.

heres us pretending we dont care were in prison !!!!!

Mum said that cus ive eaten the wallpaper we gotta stay in all day while she sorts the mess of the walls cus the people who own the house are coming and thursday and they wont appreciate all my hard wallpaper stripping work.

i dont think it looks bad for a years work hehehe


Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

oh no Alvin. How's your mum gonna fix the wallpaper? We have some things that look like the chipmubks too and I not allowed near them cos i bark at them. :(

Gregory said...

Good work on the wallpaper Alvin! My Mum doesn't have wallpaper so none of that scruminess for me! I did eat some when I went to stay at her friend Karen's for my hols though! Nom nom!

Your leafy leafs look scrummy too! Tell me what there is and I can ask my Mum to get me some when she goes to Asda!

Carlton Jamal said...

mmmmmm, yummy salad! Can I come and share? I had no cawwit today so I'm feeling grumpy.

Good work on the wallpaper Alvin! We have none here so I strip cardboard boxes instead!

Alvin said...

Ludo... mum thinks shes clever and is gonna create a patchwork wall and wont let the agent woman look too closely hehehe

gregory we got curly kale, savoy cabbage, the green from carrot tops and broccoli and a tiny bit of the parsley from yesterday.. im sure any time soon mum will give us some ready grass to check im still eating whooop :)

Alvin said...

do you want me to phone your taxi Carlton? :)